Christian activities for teens, children, toddlers and families, and training for volunteers in Middlesbrough, Teesside and the North East

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Activities for Children & Families

A youth centre at Cannon Park Church, Union Street, Middlesbrough, for toddlers, children, teens and their families.

Gospel Outreach

Our aim is to reach teens, children, toddlers and families who would not come in contact with the gospel.

Teacher Training

For the purpose of benefitting individual churches in their work with teens, children, toddlers and their families.

The work of Tots2teens is not an individual church's youth program but a centre, at Cannon Park Church, Union Street, Middlesbrough, running activities for teens, children, toddlers and families. Bible teaching is at the centre of the sessions with many other activities alongside!

Latest News

What's been happening at Tots2Teens!

Another Big Change

Over the last year, we saw many young teenagers aged 11-15 joining both Fact and Girl Time, both of which were held fortnightly. At both groups, particularly Fact, there were serious disciplinary issues, which persisted until a point when we were forced to decide that one had to stop. In July, we chose to stop both groups, as both had grown so rapidly, and rethink how we were working. The result o...


Holiday at Home

It was good to invited back to Latimer Memorial Church in Beverley. I'm unsure how many times I've been now, but the first time must have been over 10 years ago! It‟s been good to see children growing up year by year, but especially great to see one of the young people we worked with on our first visit still seeking to follow Jesus many years later.

"We know that in all things Go...


Upcoming Events

Why not join us for one of our upcoming events!

Holiday Special

Monday 12th February 10:30am-3:00pm

Cannon Park Church

Anyone aged 4-11 is invited to join us,
for great day of Games, Songs, Bible stories, Quizzes, Craft and loads more.

Free Lunch provided.

For more details or to volu...


Cy weekend

Friday 16 - Sunday 18 March

Garforth Evangelical Church

Cy weekend is for anyone aged 11-17 from any church or with no church connection’s at all. Our main aim is age appropriate Bible teaching. The weekend also includes many activities at very low cost ...


Amazing Treasures

Monday 9th- Friday 13th April

Cannon Park Church

Anyone aged 4-11 is welcome to join our Pirate crew searching for "Amazing treasures" as they travel back in time
and discover some treasure that lasts for ever!

program includes ...