Christian activities for teens, children, toddlers and families, and training for volunteers in Middlesbrough, Teesside and the North East

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About Us

The work of Tots2teens is not an individual churches youth program but a youth and children’s centre running activities at Cannon Park Church, Union Street, Middlesbrough for children aged 0-18 and their families. Bible teaching is at the centre of the sessions with many other activities alongside that!

Dave Plant
Director of youth and
children's work at Tots2teens

We aim to help develop the work of churches which are already active with these age groups. Also enable churches which may struggle with this kind of work to establish themselves and to strengthen what they do. We not only want to help directly with the tasks of evangelism and teaching but also to train and prepare others for this work. So:


If we all agree that reaching more people for Christ is important; if teaching the Bible for all ages on their own level is significant; if growing a church through reaching the next generation is realistic; then training workers is essential. Jesus did not send forth untrained or unskilled followers. He trained them during the 3 years they spent with him. In Matthew 9 and 10, for example, Jesus gave detailed instructions prior to sending out the twelve on their mission.


The values which flow out of training a group of workers are many and varied. Training the workers produces many positive results for both the workers and the churches. We will list a few:

  1. Workers no longer have any doubts as to what their role is in the life of the church
  2. They know what God expects of them as they serve in many varied capacities
  3. They know what the church expects of them and how to fulfil those expectations
  4. Workers become more concerned about knowing the kids and meeting their needs
  5. There is a new vitality and thrill in serving the Lord. Many become excited about the work amongst children
  6. Because of the enthusiasm of the trained workers, new workers come forward to serve
  7. There is a new concept of what it means to be a God-called, well trained, and competent worker.
  8. Serving the Lord takes on new meaning as people accept the need of training. Fulfilling the task of service becomes a rich blessing.


and loads more!

The training was educational and insightful. It helped me remember easy but effective ways to teach children. I am helping lead a youth group 6-12 years old and was encouraged by the training. Ami Lane, Seacroft, Leeds

Attending teacher training over the years has given me much needed tools to teach and apply Bible truths to children and opened my eyes to the great need that the children in our society have to know Christ. Claudine Uwizeye, Middlesbrough

If you are interested in training your volunteers, or even starting a children’s work for the first time, get in touch. Maybe you don’t have any children meetings right now, but are willing to host a local event!

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Park Kidz is our main outreach, the aim of this is to reach people who would not come in contact with the gospel, we would love to see the number of children, youth and families reached increase as we work side by side for the Kingdom of God. Feeding new contacts both into the centre and the local church.

Join us as we take the good news about Jesus to children and families where they are. Bringing fun, games, songs, stories, quizzes and loads more.

The dream is to see this happen on every park every week over the Summer. If you would like to be involved join us this year to see how it works. Training available for those wanting to be involved. If you are coming from outside Middlesbrough a place to stay can be arranged!

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